Yoga Teacher
  • RYT 200
  • IG handle: @samprestel02
  • FB handle: Sam Prestel
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Yoga Posture: Flying lizard
  • Favorite Flower: Sunflower
What you want people to experience in your class:

When a student attends my class, I want them to feel safe honoring their body and gaining access to the present moment. Sometimes, laying in Savasana is what we need all class, other times we may do the whole class on our hands…both are equally courageous. I want to help my students learn to brush up against resistance and use their mat as their teacher.

About Sam:

I am a lifelong athlete and currently am a runner and yogi. I have always loved running but never ended up able to stay healthy. I finally decided to give yoga a chance and I have never looked back. I firmly believe yoga is the only exercise we need because it feeds our mind, body, and spirit. I use yoga and meditation as a way to cope with my mental health. Yoga has completely changed my life. I am currently a special educator for Baltimore City Public Schools and enjoy serving marginalized communities. I have a dog named Himsy (short for Ahimsa) who runs between 40-70 miles a week with me. I love learning and listening.