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    STRONG as a YOGI



    UPDOG Studios is an inspirational community of yogis – students and teachers who dig deep into their hearts and souls and let the beautiful messiness of life unfold on their mat. Flowing through practice, finding stillness, and learning to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. Striving to not take life too seriously. Encouraging students to be one with their mat and understand that each and every practice is different but practicing with compassion for oneself always. UPDOG is here to inspire our students, have fun, and to be your little piece of comfort away from home.


    • Susan has taught me so much about the mind-body connection. Her instruction has been foundational to me and because of her, I’m certain I’m a yogi for life! My experience with yoga has evolved since I started taking Susan’s classes—I’m much more grounded in the moment now (both in and off my mat) and less concerned with all the “shoulds” in life. Now I find I’m chasing the good feelings yoga creates.

      Amy Lunday
    • Susan is knowledgeable, safety conscious, and a great teacher and instructor who puts together creative, enjoyable classes. Her classes are joyful and inclusive, with time for thoughtful reflection, strength, power, relaxation, good music and even humor.

      Lucy Wilson
    • Susan is an amazing teacher—her instruction has the perfect balance of powerful poses and relaxing meditation.

      Christine Slade
    • Susan is one of the best yoga instructors I have had. She combines challenging work (and modifications) with positive messaging. I leave her classes feeling peaceful and energized at the same time.

      C Reed
    • Updog Yoga has changed my life. Susan is the most incredible teacher & truly has a passion for what she does. She takes the time to get to know each of her students and I would take her classes every single day if I could!

    • Susan was my first yoga teacher. I have tried others…..No one compares. NO ONE. She is the best…..and anyone that knows me knows that I don’t hand out compliments.

      Chad Shapiro
    • Susan is a great teacher. She does an amazing job of making sure that people have a deep understanding of what she teaches. Additionally, she loves both Yoga and people which makes her very compassionate as a person and a teacher. I would recommend her and Updog to anyone at any level. Susan is also great about adapting her teaching towards people who may have limitations

      Josh Knox
    • Susan is an experienced, dynamic and uplifting yoga instructor. Her classes can either be challenging vinyasa flows, or deep stretching yin classes, both of which are wonderful. She has a wonderful sense of flow, strength and spirituality, all of which come together to create a great yoga experience. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

      Joyce Lynagh



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