STUDIO ETIQUETTE—the fine print.

Cell Phones:

Cell Phones are not permitted in the studio.  If you have a fancy watch, please put it on silent.


Mats Towels and Water Bottles

Please bring your own mat, towel, and water bottle to every class.  Not to worry if you forget– the studio has all of these things – but it helps us to keep costs reasonable when you bring your own things.  Either way we gotcha!— so get to class—no excuses!


Yoga Attire:

You don’t need fancy clothes! —We suggest wearing some sort of fitted athletic apparel of course with proper coverage.  Surprisingly, big T-shirts and baggy pants can be uncomfortable and hard to move in.  Many of our classes are heated so we suggest moisture-wicking clothing. While most fabrics in today’s athletic apparel are un-sinkable technology—wash your clothes after each practice.


Perfume Oils & Scents

We love a great sniff—just not in the studio—please keep perfume, oils, and scents for outside of the studio.  Thanks


Mat Markers

We are a permission studio.  There are mat markers at the entrance of each studio door.  If you are receptive to hands-on assists from our teachers—please place the marker at the back right corner of your mat.  No marker- no assists. No exceptions.  We honor space, and this is the only way we know how to meet your needs in each and every class!



This is the most important and sacred posture and time of class. It’s said in the yoga world that to leave class before savasana. kills a UNICORN. Stay until the end of class for Savasana—keep unicorns safe!


Shoes | Coats | Cubbies   

Please leave your shoes in the shoe trays at the front entrance or in the trays under the cubbies. Shoes are not permitted in the studio under any circumstance. There are coat racks in the hallway, The hallway is not locked during classes so if you do not want your coat or jacket unsecured, please bring it into the cubbies While we lock the doors—we strongly suggest leaving valuables at home.  The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen, or misplaced items.


Studio Cleanliness

UPDOG prides itself on cleanliness.  The Sanskrit term for this is Saucha.  Let’s keep it real—it gets hot—people sweat; things get spilled.  Please wipe it up—we are all barefoot—no one wants to step in wet anything 😊   It is 100% the student’s responsibility to mop up any sweat or spills they create.— Please respect UPDOG Studios teachers they are not responsible to clean up after students—thanks so much in advance for understanding – the UPDOG team thanks you.


Level Up or Level Down

We are a community of beautiful yogis—it’s not a competition, and each student is encouraged to honor what they need on any given day. ** Remember there is strength in surrender— Different variations for postures are encouraged by all UPDOG teachers— Level UP or Level DOWN—it’s yoga you are here to honor your body—mind—and soul.  No Judgement   E V E R.



Any props or equipment that you need for your practice/class—the studio provides.  Blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets sandbags… weights, rings and rollers… you name it we have it— ****Respectful request, please do not remove or borrow props for home use—we need all of our props to live in the studio.  Thanks for being honorable!