In your shakiness is where you find your strength

If you have ever taken a yoga class at UPDOG Studios—you have likely heard this statement— it’s usually during the balance sequence when all of us wobble at times, stick our foot down, or maybe touch the wall if it is close by. So, to say “In your shakiness is where you find your strength”—seems to fit in those circumstances—right?… Yes, but that is not what I mean. Not at all. Not even close

Students arrive on their yoga mat for so many reasons—sometimes they think they are just going to their hot power yoga class, going to heat their body and stretch out some aches and pains listen to a dope playlist, and boom— they can check their yoga box for the day—ha!—and then…. they arrive into the community and realize the asana is so secondary to why they are there. Students bring their life shakiness and unpack it on their yoga mats every single class. In case you did not know… this is what a yoga mat is for! Students arrive shaky. Each beautiful messy human is walking this earth navigating so many forms of “heavy, “there are too many to list. Some days are heavier than others—but no one gets out of this life without some form of “heavy.”

In UPDOG Studios Yoga Teacher Training—we speak about “above the surface,” and “below the surface,” a lot. Above the surface, we are walking around smiling outwardly, and below the surface tucking emotions inwardly. Hearing the messages offered in class is meant to encourage you to lean into your soul—feel your shaky—and be part of an amazing community that’s “got you,” because we are all shaking together… some days more than others—some people more than others, but we all get a turn in the beautiful life we have been given.

In your shakiness is where you find your strength—and why this is so relevant today.

This morning Marylanders woke to the news of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge—the video of a freight carrier hitting the bridge, and the entire bridge collapsing while vehicles were crossing, and 6 workers were working. The visual is enough to make the most solid of solid person shake.

This incident hit close to home because it is likely that every student at UPDOG Studios in Towson, has crossed that bridge many times—it is equally likely that many have been on boats and have driven underneath it going to other parts of the Patapsco River and then the Chesapeake Bay. And all of us have purchased or used an item that came through the port of Baltimore. The bridge is certainly iconic for the state of Maryland—the construction of the bridge started in August 1972 and the bridge opened in March 1977. Among many reasons for the bridge, it was meant to complete the circle of the 695 Baltimore Beltway and to relieve the strain of traffic on the Baltimore Harbor Tunnels. Providing safer transportation for tractor trailers carrying harmful cargo. Every tanker coming into or out of the port of Baltimore passes under the bridge— the bridge was vital—as were the lives that left this world in the collapse today.

Our world and the things that transpire every single day will cause you to shake—every—single—day—. Whatever to do to find your strength—a yoga class, breath work, stillness, movement, walks in nature, and hopefully prayer… you are not alone when you feel shaky—your “shaky,” is there to wake your soul and maybe snap you into awareness.

Your yoga, whether it is a hot power yoga class, a slow flow, restorative, or a sound bath—these classes are here for you to land on your mat and awaken what’s below the surface. Give yourself time to pause, think, shake, and grow… what shakes you is moving your soul.

In your shakiness is where you find your strength—Love Susan

UPDOG Studios is located in downtown Towson on Allegheny Avenue above Banditos Restaurant. It is known for its Hot Power Yoga Classes—but mostly it’s known for its amazing community of students and teachers who support and love each other in the good bad and ugly 😊