Yoga Teacher
  • Nick Name: Jess
  • RYT 200
  • IG handle @jessicaitzoe
  • Favorite Color: navy blue
  • Favorite Yoga Posture: Trikonasana/Triangle
  • Favorite Flower: Peony
What you want people to experience in your class:
When students enter my class, I hope they feel welcome and comfortable. During my class, I hope students smile, and feel safe while also being challenged. When students leave my class, I hope they have discovered something new about themselves — be that in their body, mind, or spirit.

About Jessica:

I began practicing yoga in 2008 as a complement to my high intensity exercise routine, but soon learned yoga offers so much more than just physical benefits. As my family grew and life changed, yoga was always a practice I could fall back on. Time on my mat taught me to be a better wife, mom, friend, and community member. Becoming a registered yoga instructor (RYT) was a natural progression, and now it is my true honor to be able to share yoga with others and give back to the practice that inspires me daily. When I am not on my mat, I delight in my family and friends, as well as spend time on the tennis court and in my garden.