The UPDOG Sunset

I was driving out of Annapolis and the sun was setting.  This was not your normal sunset the kind photographers wait for where the sun is that bright fiery orange.  The perfect photo-opp. This sunset, the sun was behind some clouds, and it cast this amazing black, white, and grey sunset in layers that streaked across the sky.  It was so unique and so beautiful, and it was one of the boldest sunsets I had witnessed. It did not look like a storm—it looked like the whole world, or at least the part I could see was black and white— it instantaneously had my attention. The universe had my attention yoga does this to people the awareness of yoga.

I was in the throws of renovations of UPDOG Studios—thinking about the website, apps, photos, logos, and how I wanted our brand to land for people— could I build the inspirational community that I dreamed of—would people like the studio– and truthfully being super vulnerable here—questioning myself about E V E R Y T H I N G. 

I dreamt about owning a studio for forever—and now finally bringing this dream to reality was kicking my butt and challenging my emotions like never before.  Things I thought I knew I suddenly questioned.  I would describe my previous sleep habits as a world-class professional sleeping—and now my sleep is interrupted constantly, waking up at 3am and realizing out of a dead sleep that the studio lights I ordered the day before would be the wrong size.

I almost chickened out of UPDOG about 10 times for 100 reasons —and my good friend Emily simply said to me one night when we talked about this topic for the 100th time… she said okay if you decide not to do this—then how is that going to feel living with the decision of not taking the shot?  I signed the lease the next day—committed to my love of black and white photography for our brand and decided to personally have the moxie and courage that I ask my students to have.

The world is not so easy, its not black and white—there are shades of grey that are to grab our attention and make us think—to consider our thoughts—and provide less judgment and more observation, to consider our possibilities and our what-ifs, and the what if not’s.  Yoga teaches us the shades of grey, and those shades are so beautiful.  I can’t wait for the next black, white, and grey sunset—it caught my attention so very much. The next time you are in your practice—can you embrace the shades of grey in your yoga postures—can you, “try easy.”  Can you pause in your practice to recognize the beauty and courage you have within?  The practice teaches us so much off the mat—to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Can you see it within your heart and soul—or do you need me to remind you—you got this. UPDOG Studios is opening May 2022.  Come take your first class fee, and get inspired, and learn what yoga can do for you.