Strong as a Yogi

The WHY behind Strong as a Yogi.

UPDOG Studios recognized the need for a professional approach to Arm Balancing, Binds, and Inversions.  It’s hard for the technical aspect of these postures to translate in a regular power yoga class. 

Additionally—it’s hard for them to translate in a 2-hour workshop—or online— where you barely have time to scratch the surface of what it takes to SAFELY execute these postures.

As I was teaching a hot power yoga class and observing students in headstands with their weight bearing on their heads — after my third cue to ignite the core and press through the forearms so that their weight was not in their neck…..and not seeing safe movement by the students….

I decided things needed to change to keep the students safe and create a better way of learning. 

Students needed to understand the precision, approach, and strength building that is required to master arm balances and inversions—and not just throw themselves into “trying it” on a wing and a prayer.

Students will often mimic what they see others do— without understanding many people in those inversions have been practicing for EVER!

At the same time — thank you  (I guess) Instagram— We heard our students say—they wanted to learn what they were seeing in their feed—but not really knowing what it takes.

We knew we wanted to bring to the market the best program in our area.

So we sought out the best teacher to bring her program to UPDOG…. And so….Strong as a Yogi was born.

The brains, techniques, precision and expert instruction of the program was created by Jessica Itzoe. Jess in a top teacher in the Baltimore Market—her professional, common-sense approach to this program is nothing short of remarkable.

Jess created a masterful in-person program that puts ego aside and strength and safety first with a strong results-oriented goal—
Slow down, build strength, build confidence, and execute with safety and precision.

This program is offered a few times a year at UPDOG—and sells out quickly.  Members secure the best rate, and non- members are welcome too!


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